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Is Procerin Effective in Treating Hair Loss?

Procerin has been one of the top selling "all natural" hair loss products on the market for several years. Procerin is often marketed as the "natural" alternative to FDA approved treatments such as Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil). In this article, we will be discussing Procerin as a potential treatment option for hair loss.

Procerin Ingredients

Procerin contains a propietary blend of herbs and vitamins that are found in many hair loss supplements on the market today. Procerin contains the following ingredients: Saw Palmetto Berries, Gotu Kola, Nettles, Magnesium, Zinc, Eleuthero Root, Vitamin B-6, Pumpkin Seed Meal, and Muira Puma Root. 

Ingredient breakdown

Procerin contains a number of alleged "all natural" dihydrotestosterone (DHT) blockers, DHT is the main cause for androgenic alopecia or genetic hair loss in men and women. Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root Extract have been shown to be 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, the enzyme 5-alpha reductase is responsible for converting testosterone in to DHT through the blood stream. However, not enough scientific evidence exists to back the claims that Saw Palmetto or Nettle Root Extract are very effective in treating male and female pattern hair loss. Some studies suggest that Zinc combined with Vitamin B-6 may inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT in the skin, but there are no studies that suggest this combination may stop or even reverse hair loss. Pumpkin Seed Oil has been shown to be a potent 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor, but there aren't enough studies to prove its efficacy in treating androgenic alopecia or genetic hair loss. Gotu Kola, Eleuthero Root and Muira Puma Root have been shown to promote healthy hair however, promoting healthy hair is not the same as stopping or treating genetic hair loss.

Possible Side Effects

There is a false assumption that "all natural" products do not cause side effects this is simply not true. Procerin may give some users an upset stomach or other stomach and digestive issues as reported on their website. The makers of Procerin advise users to take Procerin with food to lower the probablity of this undesirable side effect.


Given that Procerin does not contain any FDA approved ingredients, we can not say if this supplement will be effective for treating androgenic alopecia or genetic hair loss. Moreover, while the words "propietary blend" sounds technical and fancy, all it means is that the amount of each ingredient is unknown to the consumer without laboratory testing. Unfortunately, due to the lack of research and evidence in the herbal ingredients, it may be better to stick with Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil) which have been proven to be effective in treating male pattern and female pattern hair loss. 

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Melvin, Editorial Assistant and Forum Co-Moderator